For the most part I have done away with charging for those sites that network with me...But for those who want to charge me to be on their website.... below is a list of fees that would apply!

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It's NOT ABOUT THE MONEY! It's about the passion, drive and commitment to bring the news to riders!


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1 month  $30.00

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1 year VIP treatment $175.00 ( top banner listing)


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Good morning Betsy and Trish,
Sweet Cindy and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks, to the both of you, for all your hard work and dedication you put in to Biker Bits.  We are avid readers of Biker Bits and, as you are well aware, an advertiser on Biker Bits.  Upon advertising with Biker Bits, we saw an instant increase in traffic and sales to our web site, likely do to the large exposure and loyal readership of Biker Bits.  The minimal cost to advertise on Biker Bits surely has been returned 100 fold.  Again, we thank you.
Russ & Sweet Cindy Lou  


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